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Welcome to A Psychic Haven
Your Safe Place For Psychic Answers!
Consider A Psychic Haven a peaceful place to learn more about psychic abilities, metaphysics and spirituality. If you are tired of psychics promising you the world only to deliver a reading that leaves you feeling like you wasted your money, then look no further. Take a tour around the web site then, when you're ready, order a reading. I hope you'll be pleased with the results.
NOW AVAILABLE! My second book with Llewellyn Worldwide titled, Your Psychic Self, is now available at Llewellyn Worldwide, Amazon.com and BN.com. 
Ever wondered if you were psychic? Your Psychic Self is designed to help you recognize your natural intuitive abilities and strengthen them to enhance your daily life.

In an easy, conversational tone, professional intuitive Melissa Alvarez shares her own experiences and offers direction for discovering where your skills and interests lie within the psychic and metaphysical worlds.

Good for beginners or as an all-around reference, this guide gives you an overview of the signs of intuition, different kinds of abilities, psychic experiences, and forms of intuitive communication. Understand the types of readers—from psychic detectives to animal communicators—and explore your own connection with spirit beings. Use the practice exercises to develop your abilities and learn how to protect yourself from negative influences.


NOW AVAILABLE! My first book with Llewellyn Worldwide titled, 365 Ways To Raise Your Frequency, is now available at Llewellyn Worldwide, Amazon.com and BN.comThe book will be released on January 8, 2012 but if you order early you can save money and still receive it on the day of release. You can also visit 365WaysToRaiseYourFrequency.com for more information.

The soul's vibrational rate, our spiritual frequency, has a huge impact on our lives. As it increases, so does our capacity to calm the mind, connect with angels and spirit guides, find joy and enlightenment, and achieve what we want in life.

This simple and inspiring guide makes it easy to elevate your spiritual frequency every day. Choose from a variety of ordinary activities, such as singing and cooking. Practice visualization exercises and techniques for reducing negativity, manifesting abundance, tapping into Universal Energy, and connecting with your higher self. Discover how generous actions and a positive attitude can make a difference. You'll also find long-term projects and guidance for boosting your spiritual energy to new heights over a lifetime.


Now Available: Have you ever wondered what it's like to help a ghost, visit a haunted house, meet your spirit guide or learn about a past life through the eyes of a child? In this collection the author shares four of her own experiences with you. In The Silver Haired Lady, the author helps a spirit resolve an issue and continue on her path to the Other Side. In Recognition of Spirit, she relives a trip to a haunted house, in A Child Remembers she recounts a story that a youngster told her about past lives that confirms reincarnation, and in How I Met My Spirit Guide, she tells you about two major events in meeting her primary spirit guide.

Buy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.


Your Host 

My name is Melissa Alvarez and I'm the owner of A Psychic Haven. I'm an internationally known clairvoyant advisor, an author, instructor and spiritual intuitive coach. If you missed me on  the nationally syndicated radio show Your Time With Kim Iverson you can now listen to the show right here from my website. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN NOW. You can also listen to me on Sally's Midnight Hour or click here to listen from my website. Or listen to my latest appearance on the Aha! Moments Radio Show with Mariana Cooper For my upcoming radio schedule click here to visit my author site for complete details.  I'm currently scheduling new events so if you're interested in having me on your radio show or other media event, simply fill out the contact form and I'll get back with you as soon as possible. If you're a media person who is interested in my books, please check out the media kit on this page

If you've ever wondered what having a reading is like you'll be interested in a two part interview regarding both writing and psychic abilities that I did with Deb Julienne. You can read Part One Here and then Part Two Here on Deb's blog. The interview is all about writing, psychic abilities, and  part two is all about Deb's experience having a reading with me.  

I will read any area where you have concerns or curiosity including love, relationships, business ventures, your own spiritual growth, and past lives. You will receive a detailed and in-depth reading for very affordable prices. If your spirit guides show up during your reading, I will pass all the information they give me along to you at no extra charge. Since this doesn't happen in every reading I consider it a bonus to you when they do appear. However, I do not read others without their permission, I do not read children, nor do I do medical readings.

I've done intuitive readings for people of all walks of life, including other intuitive practitioners, and from countries all around the world,. Some of my customers have been with me since I started online in 1994. I offer a wide variety of intuitive readings that are affordable to everyone. Read the endorsements from my clients, my biography and then order a reading if you're so inclined.

It is my goal to help others gain clarity in their lives. Prior to ordering a  reading please make sure you read the policies page and check out the FAQ's page to obtain answers to any of your questions. If your question isn't answered on these pages just send me an email.

I am also a multi-published, award winning author and write metaphysical nonfiction and self-help under my real name. I have a new book titled 365 Ways To Raise Your Frequency coming out on January 8, 2012  from Llewellyn Worldwide, the biggest metaphysical publisher. As Ariana Dupré, my pen name, I write paranormal romantic suspense. I've included information about my books within the site but if you'd like to visit my author website it's at www.MelissaA.com.

Thank you for stopping by today. It is my hope that A Psychic Haven will become one of your favorite sites on the web.


Melissa Alvarez



Melissa writes Paranormal Romantic Suspense as Ariana Dupré. Visit Melissa's author site at http://Melissaa.com for her complete booklist.

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