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2015 Available Readings & Prices

I am currently unavailable for readings due to my writing schedule. Thanks for understanding!


  2015 Readings & Prices    

I use PayPal for orders. You don't need a PayPal account to order a reading with me. When you click on the buy button or select from a drop down menu, the cart will open in a new browser window. Click checkout at the bottom of that window to complete your order. Please scroll down to see the readings I'm currently offering. If you encounter any issues with the ordering process please let me know. Thanks!


Click here to Submit Your Reading Request Form I need this  submitted either before or after you make payment. This form is what you'll use to send your information to me. Thanks!

The list of available readings is below but please reading the following prior to ordering. Thank you!

Before you choose your reading:

Many times I have had customers who order readings and ask questions about another person. As stated throughout my site, I have chosen not to do this type of reading. I would not like it if someone read me without my permission and therefore I don't read others without their permission.
Would you feel comfortable knowing that someone you knew consulted with an intuitive about you without your knowledge? I feel that this is an invasion of that person's privacy and I will not do the reading but will instead immediately refund your money. Most intuitives will do this type of reading for you but I don't because this is an ethical choice I made for myself on my own spiritual path.

I do readings to help others along their life path and they aren't the way I earn my living or my primary source of income. I did free readings for a long time but then, because my time has value, I started to charge for my services while keeping my prices affording for what I offered in return. This is an excellent article about spiritual intuitives charging for their services.

If you'd like to order a reading with me please submit the Reading Request Form and order through the shopping cart below. It doesn't matter which you do first but I must have both to do the reading or session.

Commonly asked questions about ordering:

Readings and sessions are conducted and delivered within twenty-four hours or up to seven business days depending upon the volume of requests received at the time and whether or not I'm running behind or am on schedule. I don't do readings on the weekend because that is family time. The bigger readings take longer to get back. For instance - the detailed past life reading, some of the Chakra Divination® readings,  the spirituality reading and others can take me anywhere from three to six hours to complete and I have to work that amount of uninterrupted time into my schedule so those might take the full seven business days to get back to you. Make sure you provide two working email addresses in order to ensure that your reading doesn't get lost in cyberspace. Please check your email trash bin or spam contents if you haven't received your reading. If it's been more than seven days please contact me because your reading has probably already been completed and delivered or I never received the order.

I'd suggest reading my FAQ's page prior to ordering. As a reminder: I do not read for others without their permission (see above), I do not read for children (even if you're the parent requesting that I read your children), I do not read medical or health situations and you must be 18 years old to order.

I accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, and other credit cards through PayPal. I no longer accept eChecks via PayPal and will immediately cancel any eCheck orders on my end. You do not need an account with PayPal to order a reading with your credit card. After you complete the reading request click your back button then click the PayPal button on the bottom of the reading request page. Next choose "If you do not currently have a PayPal account click here" and the order will go through as a secure regular credit card payment.

Yes, I still do conduct free workshops in online groups. Currently there isn't a charge for me to participate in your group workshop and I'll give away between one and three readings dependent upon the number of members. My most popular workshop is Past Lives. Just contact me if you're interested in booking a workshop for your group.

Thank you all for your understanding and your patronage!




I am currently unavailable for readings 

due to my writing schedule. 

Thanks for understanding!


The following is a list of the readings I offer including the price, description and drop down menu to purchase the reading. 


Readings: (Descriptions are below)

Mini Past Life Reading -  $55.00 - Past life readings are very detailed in the information that I receive. I give you as much information as I can regarding the past life. This includes professions, names, years, geographical regions, relationships and anything else that comes through. In the mini past life reading I look for one past life. Sometimes, more than one will come through.

Detailed Past Life Reading - $149.00  - Past life readings are very detailed in the information that I receive. I give you as much information as I can regarding the past life. This includes professions, names, years, geographical regions, relationships and anything else that comes through. This reading is where I ask to see all the past lives that are relevant to you in your spiritual growth at this point in your life. During this reading I can get anywhere from three or more past lives. I do not put a limit on the number that come through and give you all the information that I am given.

Akashic Record Reading - $149.00 - During this reading I access your Akashic Records. This reading is conducted at a soul level. This reading is beneficial to learn more about your life path, soul essence and connection with the Universe. For this reading I need your full name at birth and your birth date to access your records. It is included on the "submit your questions" form. During this reading you can also ask up to ten questions that you want me to address - these are questions that relate to your life path, your soul's journey, karma and your destiny. This reading isn't for asking questions about your daily life. For those types of questions please order a clairvoyant reading for the number of questions you want to ask. The Akashic Record reading takes several hours to do.

Spirit Guide Reading - $149.00 While I quite often connect with guides during my readings, in this reading I specifically seek out your guides, introduce you to them, and give you as much information as they give me to help you on your life path.

Dream Interpretation -  $55.00 In a dream interpretation, you will need to tell me your dream in as much detail as possible. I will then in turn interpret the dream for you and give you as many details as possible about what the specific things in the dream meant.

Paranormal Phenomena Interpreted - $55.00 This is when you tell me of a  paranormal event you experienced and don't understand and I tell you what it was and/or what it means. For example: you see a shadow out of your peripheral vision, or you were house hunting and experienced something odd while visiting the house, or this could concern dream visitations, hauntings, or recurring situations that are paranormal in nature.


Chakra Divination® Readings:

Chakra Divination® is an ancient method of intuitive evaluation, which is used to energize, balance and cleanse the seven major chakras. Even though it’s an ancient technique, it’s also new, unique and non-traditional when compared to conventional methods of chakra work. This method was given to me from the higher realms as a way to examine the chakras through the use of intuition to uncover problems, find a course of action and to obtain ultimate balance within each chakra. This benefits the person doing the reading on a spiritual level. The artwork and card meanings were also divinely guided. Chakra Divination® is a system you can use when your normal functioning energy flow feels disturbed. Through the use of the Chakra Divination® charts, spreads and cards you can understand how to focus on the chakras using your intuition and perform intuitive chakra reading for yourself and others. I am the trademark owner of Chakra Divination®.




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